Cordless drill from the Parkside range 12v

Parkside 12V Cordless Drill Set

50W Cordless Drill : 12V Drill Set – X Team Series

This is the latest offering of a good quality Parkside 12V Cordless Drill set. Available from the Parkside 12V X Team Series tools.

Other Parkside tools available in the links are cordless drills, angle grinders, plunge saws, hammer drills, batteries and chargers. Also chainsaws, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, hot air guns, mitre saws etc.

All tools that can be used in the home environment for DIY.

Cordless drill from the Parkside range 12v

Tools displayed in the links are part of the Parkside X TEAM series (12V & 20V) and can be operated using their X TEAM 12V & 20V series batteries.

Reasonably priced

We’ve found reasonably priced Parkside Cordless Drills available to buy from eBay for general tasks around the home. Buy reasonably priced handyman tools.

Parkside 12V Cordless Drill Set with UK Plug

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