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Managing agents property maintenance

Managing agents property maintenance services – now available

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“If you’re managing agents (property maintenance) with properties in the Fylde area, already registered with us, you can request a quotation using the form below.

We will provide invoices together with images and job sheets for each job if required.”

Types of landlord services

These are just some of the property maintenance services we offer:

  • Repair toilet flush.
  • Fix communal bin doors – not fitting properly.
  • Replace paving stone.
  • Replacing leaking shower head.
  • Fix external drain from sink outflow.
  • Tap refresher on kitchen taps.
  • Attend to front door lock.
  • Replace light fittings or bulbs.

External services such as cleaning wooden decks or garden furniture, fixing broken garden gates or fencing, replacing garden gate locks are offered as well.

Whatever your needs, let’s see if we can accommodate you.