Light carpentry

carpenter working with wood on workbench

Light carpentry handyman services

Our light carpentry service can be all or any of the following items either indoors or outdoors. If you are preparing your home for resale read further.

light carpentry

Hanging doors

We can hang either a new door or fix a broken door. If the new door has door furniture we will be able to install that at the same time.

Fixing stairs

wooden staircase
Staircases – we can do small jobs like fix broken risers etc.

If your stair treads are broken or need attention these can either be replaced or repaired. If you want to have the carpet removed from the stairs and the wood brought back to its former glory, then this can be tackled too.

Fencing panels

Wooden fence panels often get worn out through wear & tear, weather conditions or being broken by accident. If you are readying your home for resale, then read more about our Handyman service finishing touches to a property.

Flat pack furniture assembly

We can assemble your flat pack furniture that you purchased from a store. If you have the box it came in and the nuts, bolts and parts etc. that will be good. If you don’t have any or have purchased the item second-hand, then we can still put it together for you.

Got a problem

If you have a carpentry problem we may have a solution to fix. Contact us today to discuss or please specify in the Notes box when booking an appointment.

Read our blog about Flat pack furniture assembly