Handyman services for Landlords

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Handyman services for Landlords

We offer quality handyman services for landlords in Blackpool. This could involve a regular routine property maintenance plan or one-off small reactive repairs.

Handyman services for Landlords

We will call around at the address you give and assess the work to be done. If materials are available the job can start immediately.

If the job is going to be more complex and more than the budgetted amount you give, we will send through an estimate for your approval.

Some of our handyman services for landlords are listed below. These are not all of them so when you make your booking please describe this in the notes box.

  • General maintenance & repairs.
  • Toilet flush fix.
  • Fixing leaks.
  • Replacing shower pull cord.
  • Repairing loose down pipes.
  • Replacing mixer taps.
  • Fixing stuck windows.
  • Replacing handles.
  • Fitting privacy locks.
  • Repairing broken taps.
  • Replacing shower unit.

You can use the booking form below or send us an email and specify your requirements.

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