Handyman help with decorating

pictures in frames

Handyman for decorating your home.

We offer Handyman help with decorating your home and can help you with the following items but not limited to:

  • Lay wooden flooring.
  • Make good damaged paint and plaster.
  • Put up shelving.
  • Fix stuck windows.
  • Hang pictures.

These are just some of the jobs we can do for you.  If you have any other decorating job you want done, make a booking below or send an email for a personal quote.

Need decorating services because you’re selling your house?

If you are going to be putting your property on the market and need help with small decorating issues such as re-silicone in bathroom, fixing mixer taps, replacing window handles or just general tidying up, please go to the Make a booking form.

Electrical services

Perhaps you want to spruce up all the electrical sockets in your house.  We can help you with this. Read more about our Handyman Electrical Services.