General terms of service

These are our general terms of service when you (“Client”) requests an appointment on this site and then when we (“The Handyman”) start a project at the Client’s address.

  1. We agree to perform general repairs on Client’s property as per the quotation given to the Client.
  2. Our charges will apply for any work done plus cost of materials. Please contact us for a quotation.
  3. The Handyman will make the repairs that are listed in his quotation or on the email request.
  4. The Handyman will work for no more than the number of hours quoted for the project.
  5. The Handyman will provide his own materials and tools when completing this project. Any materials or tools provided by the Client will be returned to the client upon completion of the project.
  6. If the Client wants any extra work done not specified on the original quotation, then a change request will be mutually agreed either verbally or by email.
  7. The Client will be invoiced after completion of the job and it is expected that the Client will pay the invoice upon presentation. The invoice will be sent by email to the Client’s registered email address.
  8. The Handyman agrees to notify the Client if there are any changes to the materials used, estimated cost or date of completion, and to not continue with any work until Client approves the changes.
  9. The Handyman and the Client agree that this contract is subject to the laws of the country of England.